Samman Coaching Training

The Samman Society offers official training courses in skills that are essential for Samman Coaching.

Currently available courses:

Which should I choose?

We find technical coaching works best when there is a combination of hands-on practice sessions - Learning Hours - and working as a team in your production code - Ensemble. We have courses designed to help you get started with these activities. We want to support technical coaches and developers with all kinds of background, so there are various courses to choose from.


Before a team will be able to work smoothly in an ensemble you usually need to explain the structure, roles, and underlying principles. Our course Introducing Ensemble is practical and hands-on and covers the most important aspects for successful ensemble. The hope is that later on you’d be able to use the course materials to repeat this same training with any teams you are part of or are coaching.

Learning Hours

If you haven’t facilitated or led training before then it can be a little daunting to just call a meeting and ask your team to go through a Learning Hour with you. You might want to begin by attending some Guided Learning Hours led by experienced technical coaches from the Samman society. It’s a great boost to your personal development to attend these sessions even without your team. Once you’ve attended a few and seen how the experienced coach leads the sessions you will be better equipped to go back to your team and do the same.

Another option is to go straight for the Deliver Learning Hours course. It is designed for people will little previous experience of facilitation. Developers equipped with this training have been able to successfully lead learning hour sessions with their teams, using materials developed by the Samman Society.

If you have some experience leading learning hours and would like to take it to the next level, then the Learning Hours Masterclass could be a good choice. We normally expect you to have attended the Deliver Learning Hours course before this one.