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Once you’ve gained some experience leading learning hours then you could benefit from expert feedback. In this two-part course you will both learn useful theory and get some practical expert feedback. The first part has a focus on how developers learn coding skills, and how to best deal with different levels of experience in your group.

Between the two sessions you can expect to spend a couple of hours on homework. In the second part you will collaborate with other participants to prepare and lead a learning hour for the group, as well as take part in sessions led by other participants. You’ll get hands-on practice using the skills you’re learning, and the chance to network with, and learn from, other coaches on the same journey as you.

Course Topics:

This course is not an introduction to the topic, participants will normally have previously attended the Deliver Learning Hours course. This course will set you on the path to begin designing and leading learning hours from your own materials.

This online training is highly interactive and participatory, and is normally led by a pair of experienced coaches from the Samman Technical Coaching Society.

Course Dates

This course is two half-days held about a week apart. For more information follow the links to sign up.

If you have questions about this course please Contact us. You could also sign up for our Newsletter to hear about upcoming trainings.