Guided Learning Hours - Samman Coaching Training

Attend guided learning hours with an experienced facilitator

You will take part in 4 guided learning hours led by experienced technical coach from the Samman Society. It’s a great boost to your personal development to attend these sessions. You’ll learn skills like Refactoring, TDD and Test Design. You sign up for a package of 4 weekly sessions on the same theme.

Guided Learning Hours are based on the videos by Emily Bache. You are guided through her materials by an experienced facilitator, learning practical coding skills in a group. We provide materials to do the coding exercises in C#. If you prefer a different programming language then you can bring your own coding environment.

Equipping you to lead these sessions afterwards

Once you’ve attended this course we hope you will feel able to lead similar sessions in your own organization. After each learning hour there is an optional Session Briefing and Q&A with your host. If you haven’t facilitated or led training before then it can be a little daunting to just call a meeting and ask your team to go through a Guided Learning Hour with you as host. This online training can help demystify the experience.


All sessions are held online starting 16:00 CET

Dates and times:

Sessions are held weekly online starting 16:00 CET, and you sign up for a block of 4 sessions.

If you have questions about this course do Contact us. You could also sign up for our Newsletter to hear about upcoming trainings.

For more detailed advice about leading learning hours with your team, we recommend you follow-up this training by attending the course Deliver Learning Hours.