Introducing Ensemble - Samman Coaching Training

set up for team success

When you have a team working together well in an ensemble it gives everyone a better chance to share knowledge and raise the quality of the work being done. Ensemble is another name for Software Teaming or Mob Programming. Before a team will be able to work smoothly in an ensemble you usually need to explain the structure, roles, and underlying principles. They will also need some hands-on practice working this way with a straightforward piece of code before they tackle the complexity of their production code. This course introduces all the important aspects for successful ensemble in a structured way that is tried and tested.

The hope is that later on you’d be able to use the course materials to repeat this same training with any teams you are part of or are coaching. We want to set you up for success both as a team member introducing ensemble to your colleagues, or as a coach introducing ensemble to an unfamiliar group.

This training is highly interactive and participatory. No prior experience of ensemble is needed.

Course Topics:

You will come away with the knowledge you need to get started ensemble working with your colleagues. If you are an experienced facilitator and coach in other contexts already then this course could give you enough knowledge to begin leading and facilitating ensemble more generally. If you are less experienced with facilitation and coaching we plan to offer a follow-up course later on that will address these aspect more fully - this course introduces only the basics.

Course Dates

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