Samman Society Open Ensemble

Wednesday 21st June 2023, 10:00 - 12:00 CET

Introduction to Ensemble programming.

More and more developers are realizing ensemble or mob programming is a great way to work. You can write high quality code, share knowledge and keep everyone in the loop as you make progress against your development tasks and goals.

For people who have never worked this way before it can be a little daunting and doesn’t always go as well as you hoped the first time. This session is an introduction to the roles and basic structures of ensemble collaboration. We’ll do a code kata in Java, although the focus will be on collaboration techniques. Don’t worry if you’re not that familiar with Java, we’ll help you.

Coming to this session will hopefully give you the skills and confidence you need to:

This is an open ensemble hosted by Emily Bache and Nitsan Avni. Fill in the form lower down on this page to sign up and receive a meeting link by email.

This event is sponsored by Bache Consulting and is free to attend.

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