About the Samman Technical Coaching Society

The Samman Technical Coaching Society is a not-for-profit organization based in Sweden. Its mission is to promote and develop Samman Technical Coaching and in particular support people who work as Samman coaches with resources and opportunities to meet other coaches. The society owns the domain name ‘sammancoaching.org’ and the brand ‘Samman Coaching’ and protects these from misuse by third parties.

You do not have to join the society in order to use this website or attend society events. We do not offer certification or accreditation as a Samman coach. Membership of the society does not confer any kind of guarantee to organizations purchasing coaching services.

You don’t need to be a member of the society to contribute learning hours or other materials to this site. If you have something you’d like to contribute then please contact us. You could also get to know us by attending a course. Training is offered via partner organizations, and you can find out what courses are available on our Training page. Organizations can also sponsor the society.

We are not actively seeking new members, but it is possible to get an invitation to join. The primary benefit of joining is to get a say in how the practice of Samman coaching develops in the future. You can influence the kinds of materials and activities that we invest in, and the sponsorship that we accept.

The Executive Board of the society decides who will be offered membership, and may delegate this power to other members. Membership is only offered to people who have the ability to act as a Samman coach. A Samman coach is competent with techniques that enable iterative and incremental software development, for example Test Driven Development. A Samman coach has the ability to teach others these techniques in a pedagogical and engaging way. A Samman coach has the ability to act as mentor and facilitator for Ensemble working.