Text-based testing

This is almost the same as Approval testing. This session introduces texttest on some fun programs.

Session outline

Connect: characteristics of Approval testing

What are the characteristics of approval testing? Can you tell me 3?

Connect: introduce Approvals Puzzles

In small groups, look through these Puzzles. Which ones could you test with approval testing? Which ones would be easier to test a different way? Write down your choices and problems with approval testing.

Concept: Text-Based testing

Similar to approvals, but always text. Demo TextTest on a simple program.

Concrete: Demo Approvals Puzzles

Demo solutions to these Puzzles using TextTest. Show them the documentation for the config file.

Concrete: Solve Approvals Puzzles

Let the group loose on the puzzles and get them to solve them with TextTest.

Conclusions: Strategies for varying output

Review your choices for the Puzzles. Do you still make the same choices? Can you think of any more kinds of program output that would not be suitable for Approval testing?