Learn Faster By Practicing Teaching

Learning Outcome

Session Outline


Two topics I would recommend to connect to:

  1. What does “I learn something” mean?
    What is different afterwards?

  2. How do you learn best?

Concept: Learning

Pre-requisite: Search for alternatives to this image:
Learning Pyramid Search
Tips: There are lots of different versions of this model.
Find one that suits your teaching style and that you can share in your organisation (documentation).

  1. Show this model (or your alternative)
    Learning Pyramid

  2. Explain it :)
    Make the teaching as interactive as possible, by asking questions around the model (or your favourite teaching style)
  3. Advanced (if time): Do you practice in a safe environment? (kata?) or in Production code? How?

Concrete: Teach Back

Participants get time to prepare a topic and teach it back.

  1. 2min: Collect Topics (or prepare them: KISS; YAGNI; SRP, RestAssured, RuleOf3, CAP Theory, OpenTelemetry, …Whatever is buzzing in the team)
  2. 1min: Everyone grabs 1 topic
  3. 15min: Everyone prepares
  4. 1.5min: Everyone does short teach back
  5. Group gives feedback (Fist of 5)

Fist of 5: Everyone uses their hand to rate the teach back.
1=Disaster, 5=Perfect, all the others (2,3,4) are somewhere between disaster and perfect.
Everyone should be prepared to answer the followup question: “What could the teacher improve to make it perfect (=5) for you?”

Tips For Teach Back:



Collect Round Robin: