When you rename a file in cyber-dojo, it tries to be helpful and selects only the part of the filename it thinks you will want to change.

Your task is to write a function that is given a string filename and which returns a pair of integers specifying the start and end indexes (into the filename) of the selected range.

Rules and Examples

First, it assumes you will want to keep the extension:

"hiker.cpp" ==> "hiker" is selected.
"diamond.h" ==> "diamond" is selected.

Second, if the filename includes the word “tests”, “test”, “spec”, or “step” (case insensitive) it assumes you will want to keep those too, together with any ‘separator’ characters (dot, underscore, hyphen).

"HikerTest.js"  ==> "Hiker" is selected.
"Diamond_Spec.feature" => "Diamond" is selected.
"fizz.buzz-tests.js" => "fizz.buzz" is selected.

Third, if the filename is in a dir/ it assumes you will also want to keep that.

"test/FizzBuzz_test.exs" => "FizzBuzz" is selected.
"src/test/Roman.spec.re" => "Roman" is selected.

Here is a JSON data structure you can use in your tests.

"src/Hiker_spec.re": [4,9],
"test/hiker_test.exs": [5,10],
"wibble/test/hiker_spec.rb": [12,17],
"hiker_steps.rb": [0,5],
"hiker_spec.rb": [0,5],
"test_hiker.rb": [5,10],
"test_hiker.py": [5,10],
"test_hiker.sh": [5,10],
"tests_hiker.sh": [6,11],
"test_hiker.coffee": [5,10],
"hiker_spec.coffee": [0,5],
"hikerTest.chpl": [0,5],
"hiker.tests.c": [0,5],
"hiker_tests.c": [0,5],
"hiker_test.c": [0,5],
"hiker_Test.c": [0,5],
"HikerTests.cpp": [0,5],
"hikerTests.cpp": [0,5],
"HikerTest.cs": [0,5],
"HikerTest.java": [0,5],
"DiamondTest.kt": [0,7],
"HikerTest.php": [0,5],
"hikerTest.js": [0,5],
"hiker-test.js": [0,5],
"hiker-spec.js": [0,5],
"hiker.test.js": [0,5],
"hiker.tests.ts": [0,5],
"hiker_tests.erl": [0,5],
"hiker_test.clj": [0,5],
"fizzBuzz_test.d": [0,8],
"hiker_test.go": [0,5],
"hiker.tests.R": [0,5],
"hikertests.swift": [0,5],
"HikerSpec.groovy": [0,5],
"hikerSpec.feature": [0,5],
"hiker.feature": [0,5],
"hiker.fun": [0,5],
"hiker.t": [0,5],
"hiker.plt": [0,5],
"hiker": [0,5],


This kata is described on cyber-dojo.

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