Legacy Code - Warm-Up Questions

Mark each statement below as true or false. After the session, come back to this quiz and change any answers you feel are incorrect and add detail to your answers.

    True False
1 Legacy code has unit test coverage under 10%.    
2 Legacy code contains a lot of bugs.    
3 Organizations that have legacy code will gradually fail unless they address this problem.    
4 Legacy code is the result of developers not listening enough to architects and other technical leaders.    
5 Legacy code is any code older than 5 years.    
6 Successful young companies like Spotify and Discord do not have any legacy code.    
7 Developers are afraid to change legacy code.    
8 If you have unit test coverage over 80% then it is not legacy code.    
9 Good developers would rather quit their job than work on legacy code for any length of time.    
10 Re-writing legacy code from scratch is usually the cheapest and best option.