True or False Mythbusting

Prepare a list of perhaps 10-15 statements about the topic. Some of them should state beliefs that many people hold but which you think are misguided myths. Have everyone go through the list independently and mark them as true or false. Gather together all the answers including your own. Hold a short discussion on any that there is disagreement on. There is no need to spend any time on the items everyone agrees on.


Try a shared online spreadsheet with the questions written in rows. Each person has their own column to write true or false in.


You get to find out which myths are widely believed in this group. You probably won’t be able to persuade them they are wrong in a short discussion, but you might make them start thinking about it. If you have the chance to plan follow-up sessions, you could include some on those topics. For the items everyone agrees on, you have reminded them what they already know.