Three Facts and a Question

Divide the group into pairs and give them two minutes to come up with three facts about the topic and one question they have about it. Collate all the facts from all the pairs into one list - gather sticky notes onto a board for example. If any of the facts are questionable, don’t worry about it at this point.

Then go round and let each pair ask their questions verbally. Also make sure they are noted down on the board. Make it clear you hope they will be able to answer these questions for themselves by the end of the session.

Be sure to come back to the facts and questions in the ‘conclusions’ part if not before. Ask people if they can answer their questions now. If not, help them out. Also ask them to review their facts and update any they have learnt more about now.


This is very similar to the Three Facts connect activity. The added question makes it easier to link to in the conclusions part. Learners feel more in control of their learning.