Sort these items

Ahead of time, prepare a list that is a sequence of steps to complete a task. The list of steps should be about 4-8 items long. This should be a task they already know how to do, that is related to the topic. Ideally later in the session they will need to do this task as part of the exercise.

Randomly shuffle the items in the list and give a copy to each person. Give them 2 minutes to sort the steps into the right order. Afterwards, share your original list with the steps in what you think is the correct order. Ask people if they agree. Take a short discussion if anyone disagrees.

This shouldn’t be hard and you are not expecting people to have very different answers. If there is a lot of disagreement, then you have either misjudged how much they already know about the topic, you have made poor choices about what steps to include, or your step descriptions are not good enough.


Gets everyone on the same page about a task that you would like them to be able to do easily later in the session.