Explain previous concepts

Come up with about 5-8 concepts which you have been learning about in previous sessions. Your expectation is that everyone should at this point know what they are. Put the names of these concepts on sticky notes on a board in a “To Do” column. Add empty “Doing” and “Done” columns.

Ask for a volunteer to come forward, pick a note, move it to “Doing” and explain what it is. If you think their explanation is incomplete or misguided, ask the group to help them out. Prompt with hints. Add anything you think is essential to the description if it’s still needed. When you’re happy, let them move that note to the done column and step back.

Ask for a new volunteer to pick a different note. Get everyone in the group to take at least one note before you let anyone take a second note.

If people can’t explain the concepts without a lot of prompting, then you may have misjudged what they already know. You may need to re-think your plans for this and future sessions.


Recap concepts you think they should know by now. Find out if they actually do know them. The rest of the session should be more in-depth on at least one of these topics.