Example mapping

This is a useful technique to use in BDD example workshops.

Learning Goals

Session Outline

Connect: BDD tasks and activities game

This activity is described here

Concept: Example mapping

Highlight the Examples workshop part of the BDD process. In this workshop we can use a structured conversation called Example Mapping. Explain the basic idea.

Concrete: examples workshop

Ask people to pretend to have different roles - Developers, Testers and Product Owners. Present a user story that we will use in the examples workshop. You could use the Pizza delivery example from “BDD books - Discovery”

Imagine you work on developing a pizza delivery management application for a large pizza delivery company. It will allow customers to track the real-time status and location of their orders. This is the user story that is up next:

In order to fix an incorrect delivery address,
As a pizza customer,
I want to be able to change the delivery address after the pizza order has been placed.

Facilitate an example mapping workshop for this user story. At the end, compare with the sample one in the book.

Conclusions: what is new?

Look again at the BDD tasks and activities game. We just experienced a small examples workshop. What parts of the BDD process are new for you? What parts are different from what you use in your daily work at the moment? Discuss in pairs and note your conclusions.