Approval Testing - Warm-Up Questions

Mark each statement below as true or false. After the session, come back to this quiz and change any answers you feel are incorrect and add detail to your answers.

    True False
1 As a rule of thumb, unit tests should contain only one assertion in each test case.    
2 Approval testing is defined by the ISTQB standards organization as ‘Testing used to co-ordinate multiple test levels or test types’    
3 “Expert Checks Output” is an antipattern for automated testing. Tests should check their own results and report pass or fail without any need for an expert.    
4 You should have at least one unit test for each code branch in the unit under test.    
5 If you test several code units together in the same test, this test will be more fragile and costly to maintain compared with several unit tests, each focussed on one unit    
6 Testing happens at the end of an agile project    
7 If you over-specify a test, that means it is fragile and will break often.    
8 There are two kinds of integration tests - ‘broad’ and ‘narrow’.    
9 Black-box unit tests depend on the implementation details of the unit under test.    
10 Branch-testing is a white-box testing technique    
11 Exploratory testing can be automated    
12 Pairwise testing exercises pairs of parameter values    
13 Data-driven testing uses data files to contain test data and also the expected results of each test    
14 Snapshot testing is the same as Golden Master testing    
15 Developers should not do testing, you need testers who are independent from the implementation    
16 Capture-replay GUI testing helps you to get going quickly but generally creates fragile, unmaintainable test cases